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3 definitions by luceypants

The lack of swag. Ironically a given when someone claims to have swag.
"Man, that kid just came in here with his pants 'round his ankles saying he has swag."

"He's definitely full of swog."
by luceypants February 06, 2012
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(V) The female version of tea-bagging.

The one performing the act is the cradler.

The one receiving is the cradlee.

Is not usually as humiliating as the male version, in fact, most cradlees are quite happy to be cradled.
Person 1: "So that crazy chick from the party last night was totally cunt cradling me."

Person 2: "Lucky."

Person 1: "Ikr, it was like a little slice of heaven."
by luceypants December 31, 2012
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Simply put, a well-lubricated but small penis. The antonym would be the eel daddy.
"His eel baby paled in comparison to my daddy."
by luceypants December 31, 2012
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