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Chelsea Charms (born March 7, 1976 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota) is the stage name of an American big-bust model, internet model, and feature dancer.

Chelsea made her first appearance on the covers and pages of Buxotica, Score (March 2000), Hustler Busty Beauties (April 2000), and other adult magazines specializing in large breasted models. She is also one of the top big bust models on the internet with numerous pictures on various websites.

She is best known for her extremely large breasts, certainly among the largest in the world. Chelsea achieved her large breasts through the use of polypropylene string breast implants. The string implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implant, resulting in continuous, gradual growth of the breast.

On her website, Chelsea says that her bust size is 153XXX, and that her breasts each weigh 26 pounds (11.8 kg). Because of the nature of her string implants, Chelsea Charms' breasts are continually expanding (by about 25 millimeters a month). Regular visits to her surgeon in Houston to have excess fluid drained are necessary.

Although she did not formally contend for the title, it's likely that Chelsea would be considered the holder of the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts." The record currently belongs to Maxi Mounds. Pictures of Charms and Mounds together appear to show that Charms has the larger breasts.

Chelsea was a natural D cup and began developing in the fourth grade. She has had breast augmentation surgery three times. The first augmentation enlarged her to an E cup, the second to an HH. Both were saline bags. The third surgery implanted the polypropylene string. In some cases of breast augmentation via the polypropylene method, the breasts may grow at different paces or at a dangerously accelerated rate. In her case, they have grown in unison, but their growth rate has steadily slowed over the years. The initial string content was equivalent to 2500cc. Her doctor estimates the growth has increased the size of each breast to over 7000cc.

In recent years, the use of so-called "string" implants such as Chelsea Charms' in breast augmentation surgery has become illegal in the United States. Due to the dangers associated with such implants, only a small number of women in the world still have them. Mainly those in the big-bust entertainment industry had or continue to have string implants, most notably Chelsea Charms, Minka, and Maxi Mounds.

When asked if her back hurts, she replied, "No, but exercise is the key.". She loves to read, averaging about one book a week. Her favorite authors are Ha Jin, Anne Rice and Charles Dickens.

In her appearance at the 2005 Adult Entertainment Expo, and on her website, Charms announced that her breasts had reached 10,000cc's each.
Question: Have you ever considered a breast reduction?
Chelsea Charms: Not yet. I’m having too much fun and wouldn’t want to upset my fans.
Question: Why be the biggest breasted woman on the planet?
Chelsea Charms: Why not? Again it’s fun to be different. Life is too short to be anything else.
by Lucas_JWF July 23, 2008
Someone who fears of whales and the movie Free Willy.
This one time at the theaters we went to go see Free Willy and later this little kid was having cetaphobia everytime Free Willy shows up on the screen.
by Lucas_JWF February 03, 2009
A song made by the rapper Papa Smurf. The flash cartoon The Smurfs: The Lost Episode (with the Lick My Ass music) is also popular on the albinoblacksheep website.
"Papa Smurf can I lick your ass?"
"Yeah, lick my ass, bitch!"
by Lucas_JWF January 31, 2009
A Hawaii aloha theme song with the lyrics "Butthole Pee Pee" by Shin from Adult Swim's Shin Chan.
Shin: *singing* Butthole pee pee, butthole pee pee...
by Lucas_JWF July 29, 2008
A really funny fart noise that sounds like a trumpet.
LOL! Dude that sounded like a trumpet!
by Lucas_JWF July 25, 2008
The opposite of PS3 Fanboy. A Bizarro PS3 Fanboy is ugly, stupid and more angrier to 360 and Wii Fanboys. And a Bizzaro PS3 Fanboy is also part of the Final Fantasy VII Fanboy family that won't shut up about how the game pwns everybody and everything in the entire gaming world with just FF7 characters like a fat nerdy rabid FF7 Fanboy.
360 Fanboy: "You know what's worse than a regular PS3 Fanboy?"

PS3 Fanboy: "Yeah yeah I know! A bizarro PS3 fanboy! They're a disgrace to us PS3 fanboys and a lot worse than you 360 fanboys!"

Wii Fanboy: "Not to mention they're also a disgrace as Final Fantasy fans. It's like FF7 is their boyfriends."

PS3 Fanboy: "Shut up you Gamecube graphic loving Wii fanboy."
by Lucas_JWF January 02, 2009
Death something is always a common World Of Warcraft character name used by fat nerdy 42 year old losers spending their entire life playing World Of Warcraft under their parents basement. Names for example; Deathclaws, Deathxx, Deathalleria, Deathpwnsu, and so on with names next to Death.
Deathclaws: "U F***ING SUX!!!1 GTFO MY PARTY U N0000B!!1"
Normal Player: "You don't get out much, do you Death something. Besides, it's only a game."
by Lucas_JWF January 02, 2009

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