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7 definitions by lucas bolton

meaning used to describe an act of fellatio
1.iam feeling horny give me a blowjob
2.in oral sex you can get blowjobs
3.what a kinky name for cock sucking a blowjob
4.give us a blowjob
by lucas bolton April 05, 2006
1. abusive meaning for someone that masturbates
2. crude meaning for masturbation
abusive meanings
1. my boss is a fucking wanker
2. what a fucking cunt of a wank he was
3. go fuck yourself you fucking zygote wanker
4. wankers should be done for
5. get fucked you fucking wank

crude meanings
6. i had a wee wank this morning
7. i hate when skeet spurts out your dick after a wank
8. i don't like wanking
9. might as well have a wank a quickie of the wrist
10. i never wank off ever
by lucas bolton April 06, 2006
an aphirodisiac is a food or drink that gets you gagging for it
1.to get her going i gave her an aphirodisiac
2.go to the sex store they have aphirodisiacs
3.to make you scuttle with me iam going to have to get an aphirodisiac
4.fuck your aphirodisiac you son of a bitch
5.iam a horn dog tonight because i drunk an aphirodisiac
by lucas bolton April 13, 2006
an act of fellatio peformed to someone having a dump in the bog
1. give me a bunt job
2. i hate having a shit and getting a bunt job during it
3. i like getting bunt jobs the only time i get head given to me
4. its sick to get bunt jobs
5. a bunt job fuck off
by lucas bolton April 06, 2006
to stimulate the genetails mainly
1. the doctor said for me to masturbate in that
2. masturbating is not as good as scuttlin
3. i get handjobs so i masturbate but not with my right hand
4. stop masturbating in your wanking chariot
5. masturbating is dirty
by lucas bolton April 06, 2006
Ha'penny is a scottish word for vagina.
Shows your ha'penny, cover your ha'penny,stop feeling your ha'penny, stop fingering your ha'penny and hide your ha'penny.
by Lucas Bolton March 20, 2006
were two people hit each other to recieve and give pain its called kinky sex
1.lets do bondage
2.bondage is to kinky for me
3.bondage is for sick fucks
4.iam in to bondage
5.bondage is worse then anal and vaginal fisting
by lucas bolton April 05, 2006