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An evil curse from a soul that cheats death and will eventually destroy humanity.

A sad soul that cannot hope for forgiveness.

One possessed with random evil energies.

Someone born as of June 13th, and on a leap year.
Holy crap! It's the Draxx!

Draxx is the end!

That Draxx is bad.
by Lucas January 06, 2004
the act of having anal sex and spitting on thier back(pretending to ejaculate)and when they turn around to kiss you, you blow it in thier face
I gave my girlfriend a sneeky pete and she got pist.
by lucas January 30, 2005
Australian Slang: An abbreviation of the word "hey", sometimes used as an emphasizer at the end of a sentence. Most common in Queensland, particularly the north.
Bruce: What did you do today Bruce?
Bruce: I went to the pool ay!

Bruce: Ay Bruce!
Bruce: Ay! Howsit?
by lucas November 06, 2004
When something is all pimp with its electronics
That car is pimptronic.
by Lucas January 23, 2004
One who worships cheese and the cheese god; otherwise known as god.
"Cheese is god"
"I am a cheesist"
by lucas July 20, 2004
The cooler way of saying "Yeah, right"
Person 1: I'm the hottest dude on the block
Person 2: GEESE!!!!
by Lucas December 30, 2004
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