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Manchester City Football Club, now the richest football club in the world. Owned by billionaires who think that they are playing Football Manager rather than actually running a football team. They are paying ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre players, and generally ruining football. But they didn't sign Kaka, because Kaka actually has some sense. Hopefully they will fail miserably along with the rest of the overpaid arseholes in the Premiership.
News reporter: "And in football news, Man City have made an £18 million bid for Titus Bramble"

Real football fan: *slaps head*
#man city #premiership #rich #shite #bastards #boring #fail
by Lubo25 January 23, 2009
Stands for "Get Her Pumped"
This is an expression used when spot an attractive female, with whom you would like to get formally acquainted with. By that I mean get funky with. Lots.
"Who's she? GHP!"
"Get it puuuuumped!!!!!!"
#get it pumped #yeah #your mum #hawt #niiiiice!
by lubo25 January 22, 2009
Literally means 'fucked'.
Can be used to describe somebody that is ridiculously drunk, or something that is broken etc.
"hahaha look at him, he's friar tucked!"
"Oh bollocks, my car is friar tucked!"
#friar tucked #fucked #drunk #pissed #inebriated
by Lubo25 January 23, 2009
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