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An underground rap group out of North Philadelphia made up of Crypt the Warchild and Planetary, two Puerto-Ricans who met in high school. Have released the albums Blood & Ashes, Blood Brothers, and Outerspace. Their beats are generally very dark and their lyrics are complex. They are nasty.
I'm the wizard of wordplay
I spit paragraphs in absurd ways
I'm too fly, you die in the worst way
Sort of like burning your body parts, the party starts
And inspires the crowd, like hearin' Marcus Garvey talk
Awkwardly spark beef, I put you all to sleep
The "Blood and Ashes," I keep that all for me
I brainstorm in a blizzard and still remain calm
I walk through the inferno with flames in my palm
I start wars with killers and carnivores
And smash characters' heads in Cadillac car doors
Far more than amateur - I'm immature
Some say I'm Godly for holdin' the sinners' cure
My skin is pure, my body is waterproof
Slaughter the boof and keep blades between my jaw and my tooth
I'm dangerous, man, with just one raise of the hand
My game plan is make grands with my ace in the fam'
Ain't nothin' changed but the budget, and love from the public
I'm still waitin' to kill 'em with one club hit
My rugged approach, they lovin' the most
So while you huggin' your toast, I stay up with the smoke

-Planetary of Outerspace
by lrose1216 December 24, 2007
Acronym for fuck the dumb, because dumb people suck.
Matt: I gave that lunchlady a 20 and she gave me 23 dollars back!
Me: *shakes head* ftd dude, ftd
by lrose1216 December 27, 2007

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