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Led Zeppelin's Rock-Epic. One of the best Rock songs ever written. A journey through "Sandy lands" & "Treading the air above the din".

The song was dropped after only 2 or 3 times during the Page & Plant tour of 1995. The song was so powerful they felt it surpassed all perfomances of '77 & '80.

Achilles Last Stand...The mighty arms of Atlas, hold the heavens fron the earth.....Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin
by lovetorim April 27, 2007
Generally a breakfast dish made up of eggs and cheese, onions, etc.

However, a common word used everyday in the Ebonics world. Rappers, Rap Stars, Blacks, etc.
Steve: "Hey Jammal, can you use the word omellete in a sentence?"

Jammal: "Sho...I shoulda pop 'yo ass fo what you jus did, but omellete dis one slide..."
by lovetorim May 11, 2007
After having anal intercourse with your partner, it's what's left on your cock after you pull out.
After I came in Tina's tight ass, my penis was streaked with chippety chocolatey and it smelled bad.....
by lovetorim April 23, 2007
What's served at Chinese Restaurants disguised as Wanton Soup.
Joe: Hey, what is Wanton soup anyway?

Frankie: Frozen cat Embryos warmed up and kept out for 3 weeks so there nice and rubbery!
by lovetorim April 27, 2007
The art of tonguing out someones asshole. Hence digging for dirt.
Damn, that chick last night did some serious digging!
by lovetorim April 18, 2007

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