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A Candace is the girl you can talk to about anything. She might seem shy at first but when you get to know her you realize that she's hilarious and has the weirdest sense of humor.

You can normally tell Candace everything and she will never judge you.

Sometimes she likes to be outgoing and crazy but other times she just a geek at home in her glasses and sweatpants. She loves the beach and often makes up stories to match the situation...but it's ok because you love her.

Candace is also one of the most prettiest girls: blonde, green eyes, and quite muscular.
Me: Candace can I tell you something?

Candace: Wha?

Me: You'll always be my best friend and we'll grow up and be those 100 year old grandmas who go to the beach, tan, surf, and act like we're still 17.
by lovemybestfriend August 21, 2012

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