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The worst school in history every single girl in that school stuffs their bra's with paper to impress the boys who just plain dumb. I would know I go their it fucking sucks.
Taja: I'm out of paper to stuff my bra with do you have any?

Latae: No ask Tina at lunch.

Tina: I'm right here. You can't have any I'm going for Nicolas.

Taja: I thought that you hated french dudes.

Tina: *sits by Nicolas and giggles.*

Nicolas: *stares at Tina* Did you get fatter?

Tina: *stands up and fake falls*

Nicolas: *eats his soup then move back to Oklahoma a month later*

Tina: Hits on Dominick.

All this is a real story this happened a not so long ago time at SHERWOOD FOREST ELEMENTARY.
by lovelykitty2000 April 04, 2011
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