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The point at which a new diet and old habits collide, resulting a frantic, usually late night excursion to the local grocery where you wander the bakery searching for any combination of high fat, high sugar goodies to satisfy your sweet-toothed lust.
Large Marge: So, how's the diet going?
Fatty McFatterson: I totally blew it last night. I tried to fight it, but it was a piemergency. I HAD to get some sugar!
by Lostpyrate December 06, 2008
UFO - Undercover Flirting Operation - a moment when two people who have no apparent public history with each other, exchange glances, smiles, suggestive looks, and other non-verbal cues, signifying that they indeed have some history. Often accompanied by restrained giggling, adrenaline rushes, and loud, double-entendre conversations with others nearby to "communicate" without directly talking to the person of interest. Also, referred to as a "Romeo & Juliet" or a "bump". Most often used by cheating spouses, inter-office romances, teens from different social standings (band fag and cheerleader), and in grade school children (often expressed in violent terms - pushing, pulling hair, name calling, de-panting, etc.) Very difficult to see, despite often being in plain sight.
Billy Bob: Hey Sally May, did you just see that? I think I just saw a UFO!

Sally May: where?

Billy Bob: That guy at the desk and that chick with her boyfriend keep looking at each other, smiling, and mouthing words to each other! Oh Wait, did you just see that! He just texted her, and then she checked her phone and smiled back at him! Well I'll be, it IS a UFO! Hot dog, Sally May, that's a once in a lifetime thing! Sally?

Sally May: Oh sorry, I was just checking my phone, I just got a text from a friend. Nothing important. what were you saying?
by lostpyrate March 24, 2009
To jog at a gentle walking pace. Not to be confused with actual exercise. Moonjogging looks like normal jogging, but the rate of speed is so slow, that the person almost seems to be running in slow motion, not unlike the images of man's first walk on the moon. Often accompanied by face grimacing, exaggerated movements, lethargy (presumably from exhaustion), assorted running gear (colorful headbands, ipods, reflective tape, light up sneakers), and a conspicuous lack of perspiration (and dignity).
Stan: "Hey, check out that chick jogging up ahead!"

Bill: "Jogging? How much exercise could you get from moving that slow?"

Stan: "Maybe she doesn't want to hurt herself?"

Bill: "Or... maybe she's afraid of hurting the ground, or killing a bug underfoot!"

Stan: "ha ha, perhaps. It's almost like she's running in zero gravity or something!"

Bill: "Yeah, she's moonjogging!"

(much laughter)
by lostpyrate September 10, 2009
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