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2 definitions by lornagdoon

A small percentage of a political candidate's overall electability that puts her/him over the top. The amount of good looking that it takes a candidate to edge out a political opponent.
The candidate with the most Cute Factor usually wins the election.

Cute Factor won the election.
by lornagdoon July 14, 2009
13 3
Monologue: a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor.


A fear of performing memorized speeches within plays or other performance types.

A fear of forgetting a memorized speech during a performance.

A fear that encompasses avoiding trying out for plays or other performance venues with long speeches in them, that must be memorized.
I can't try out for the community theater's version of Steel Magnolias, because I have monologophobia.

If I get the part of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, then I am sure that my monologophobia will ruin my performance.
by lornagdoon November 06, 2009
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