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It's the same thing as the word 'toke' but with a different first letter.

My friends started doing this when they didn't wanna say the word 'toke' in school with others around just in case.

They also used the works 'poke' to refer to it.
A: "Jhoan, you down to yoke tonight?"

B: "Can we poke inside your house?"
by looviingthejane October 05, 2011
It's an acronym for "Beer, bud and bounce".

It's when you go to a party, you grab the beer, you grab the bud and you 'bounce' (as in to leave the party!).

It can also mean "Beer, Bud, Bitches" but that's mostly for guys.
A: Maia: "Yeo did you hear about the party tonight? We out!"

Gaby: "Let's BBB"

B: Rafael: "Are you going to the party tonight?"

Milos: "Obviously, there's gonna be BBB".
by looviingthejane October 05, 2011

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