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3 definitions by lolololololololololwtf

To fill a hollow coconut with your manjuice and give it to a lady friend (or not friend. either works), passing it off as coconut milk.
Guy: I totally Gilligan'd this chick last night. She drank it all and didn't notice the difference.
by lolololololololololwtf February 19, 2008
A disgustingly large person who defiles the entire female race. iHeretics usually come with a large side of acne

antonyms include: orgasm, hot piece of ass, cute, or any other word with a good connotation.
Guy #1: I have an inverted penis..
Guy #2: ..how does that happen?
Guy #1: Well, I saw a picture of iHeretic a few nights ago..
by lolololololololololwtf February 18, 2008
While you're doing a wench from behind you take a swig if rum, then shove the bottle in her ass as you yell "Savvy!?"
Dude : I Jack Sparrowed my bitch last night.
Dude #2 : Yeah? How'd that go?
Dude : She wasn't savvy... so I robocopped her her and left.
by lolololololololololwtf February 22, 2008