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Located in Nassau County, Long Island (In the state of New York). It is stereotyped as one of the most spoiled Jewish communities ever. Although there is a fairly large amount of rich Jewish people, there are also Persians (rich Jewish people from Iran), Hispanics, and Asian/ Indian people (mostly near New Hyde Park though). There are also more cultures. Great Neck is not just J.A.P. ; it is VERY multicultural.

Besides the rich Jewish people and the posers (middle class kids that aren't too Jewish or aren't Jewish at all who think they're "gangsta"), Great Neck has pretty decent people, and as I said, MULTICULTURAL. It has almost no crime at all, and most of the people are fairly decent.

Great Neck has a great school system.

Great Neck South Middle/High: Asians (mostly from New Hyde Park), some rich Jewish people, and the multicultural part of the population. You will find many of smart and decent kids here. Rated about the 45th best school in the country.

Great Neck North Middle/High: Mostly VERY rich people (Persians) from Kings Point and similar areas. But it's not bad, trust me, I know some cool North kids. It is also a fairly decent school, but with a much smaller population than South and less multicultural.

Others: There are a few "private schools" in Great Neck, such as The North Shore Hebrew Academy.

Great Neck is basically a nice and safe suburb to live in with many types of people.
Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray was raised in Great Neck.
by lolfunnybunny July 25, 2009

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