65 definitions by lol

i think im cool but im really not
by lol August 11, 2003
Fat feck, trying to get his ass owned by reaper, but he's just too bad....
GNA|Trulli aka jarno
by lol November 18, 2003
lazy,do nothin,real word for chillin.
what shu doin?
by lol October 28, 2003
wax for shining nob
bernie: "yo deyan u got nob shine?"
Deyan: "no i uised the whole 5 litre packet in one go!!!"
by lol August 30, 2003
Evil French Teacher
Ouelette is going to the Ouelette rally in Berlin.
by lol March 26, 2003
wes nouf said
by lol September 16, 2003
go to google is better.
you look for things on the internet.
by lol October 19, 2003

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