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A dictionary where people come to show off their usage and
clever defenitions of words nobody cares about.
EMO- A word that is used way too much on urban dictionary.
by lo-dog December 29, 2005
Definetely the key word that everybody on urban dictionary revolves around.

Also a big contradiction in itself according to everybody on urban dictionary.
Martha, look on urban dictionary! Emo has over 500 entries!
by lo-dog December 27, 2005
a union that more and more minors are starting to form, mostly caused by unwanted oopsie-babies. thus causing divorcing earlier in life.
young 13-year-old: Mom, Dad, jason has proposed. isn't it wonderful?
Mom, Dad: yes honey! whens the marriage?
young 13-year-old: and we found out last week that im pregnant! now i get a happyf amily!
by lo-dog December 27, 2005

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