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mistell - when you say the wrong thing to the wrong person/people at the wrong time.
-Alliance chat-
Lloth: end praxesa I'm looking forward to our webcam session later on...it makes me really horny
Lloth: omfg
Lloth: mt
Praxesa: no shit :P
by Lloth July 27, 2003
realm verses realm
a DAOC term for pvp (player vs player) on a large scale.
by Lloth July 27, 2003
Dirty or scummy, a northern/geordie word similar to manky
eww...she's a rank, dank, hacky skank
by Lloth July 27, 2003
1. One who makes up a word when they can't think of a suitable one, or combines two or more words into a single word, or bastardises words: eg. occupated in place of occupied.

2. The ability to disbelieve anything quoted about yourself, even if it's been written down as you've said it.

3. the ability to consume vast quanities of food without throwing up.
so your order is: two 1/2lb burgers, two tortilla wraps, a 16" mexicano pizza, mixed kebab and a large fish...you're doing a sminja
by Lloth July 31, 2003
geordie word for a scruffy person, a hacky beck or minger
could she not make an effort for going to the pub, she looks like a hamp
by Lloth July 29, 2003
a long stick or pole used by children to flick mud/clay at windows, like a staff-sling
rkid do ya wanna go play pwadji on those patio doors down the building site
by Lloth July 29, 2003
DAOC nickname for 'Enchanter' - an overpowered uber hib class, who's focus pulling negates the need for regular balanced groups.
Bard: you guys going to fins?
Hero: naw - they have 4 chanters, 2 bards, a shade and a warden...fucking gimped focus pulling group >:|
by Lloth July 27, 2003

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