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Vagenesis is the mechanism by which the universe was created. All life was born of the Cosmic Vagina, the great and noble goddess and all of the beings on Earth made in its image are made better and regenerated with little Vag. The entrance to the womb and all things born come from the womb represented by Vagenesis.
Example, "Daddy, how did I come to exist?

Reply, "It was the great Vagenesis. The most exotic and intoxicating lure of all mankind. With our help, it brings forth life!”

Another method of its use is to replace golly or gee whiz or darn it! - “Oh, Vegenesis!"
by lljames March 31, 2015
Incredulous people who think that the peer review means everyone review.
"This guy is bonkersnuts for saying that Justin Beiber is a shape shifting reptile from the Illuminati"
"What do you mean snow doesn't melt with a blow torch because of chem trails! You're bonkersnuts!"
"Only bonkersnuts people claim that seeing rainbows in their sprinklers is because of HAARP."
by lljames February 01, 2014
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