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An expression meaning very soft and tender to caress and feel.
The fabric of Stephanie's new coat was very warm and luxurious and felt as soft as a she-mouse's belly.
by llanellirog September 18, 2005
Very drunk, lugholes meaning ears so of course drunk up to the ears, literally!

Expression common in South Wales
You shoulda seen Owen last night, he was hardly able to speak he was so drunk ......... he was standing by the bar, slugged up to his lugholes with a big bag of fish!

I always get slugged up to the lugholes on a Friday night!
by llanellirog September 21, 2005
The personality of a pet animal.
Everybody loved our dog Madai, because she had such endearing ways, and such a sweet petonality. I miss her so!
by llanellirog September 17, 2005
Noun: A very unappealing outfit, that really shouldn't be worn in the presence of anyone who is able to see.
When Kylie arrived in the pub clad in purple flowery leggings, checked rubber boots, a lime green boob tube, yellow legwarmers and topped with an orange wig, her mates knew she wasn't going to pull that night. They cried in unison "What the hell are you doing in that doubtfit?"
by llanellirog May 26, 2007

To make things consistent, to iron out inconsistencies.
Roger was poring over his thesis, in his attempt to consistisize the terms of speech in each chapter.

Consistisizing your work is essential for an academic presentation.
by llanellirog December 30, 2005
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