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:gorgeous beyond comparison; they are enormously talented, very professional and have a low tolerance for incompetence; a MANDY has self-confidence, self-respect and a sexy swagger; their style and attitude are on point even when she’s not trying; MANDY’S know she’s "all that"; she is your best friend and all people naturally gravitate toward her; MANDY’S are the “wifey” you can bring home to your mommy and the slut you yearn for in the bedroom; MANDY’S are a one man kinda woman so if you’re not her man, you better back the hell up; everyone respects her but if someone doesn’t, whoever you are, you better watch out and start living by the rule “the man that keepeth his tounge, keepeth his life”, cause MANDY’S don’t take disrespect; MANDY’S are exceptionally intelligent and always on point; a MANDY is doing it right; MANDY’S lead by example; they never disown, misrepresent or even dishonor their title as a MANDY; a MANDY is a fly ass lil momma!; MANDY’S are the blueprint for the ideal woman!
Husband: Oh hell yeah baby you rocked it all night real good, cleaned the house, washed the car, fed the kids, worked all day and had dinner with my family. You are a MANDY!
Best Friend: She won’t let people talk shit about me, loves me like I’m her sister, and tells me how it really is in a way that makes me want to do it her way…she is a total MANDY.
Boss: That girl knows her shit like nobody else, she is really a MANDY.
Random Girl: Gosh I need a MANDY to beat that mans ass for me.
Random Boy: WOW that girl is hot ass hell, she must be a MANDY.
by lizajanelizard February 05, 2010

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