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Alternative spelling of oneties, the decade between 2010 and 2019. Before this decade you have the noughties, and afterwards the twenties, so the decade in-between had to be given a suitable name.
Man 1: In the wonties, we want world peace, a great global economy and better shows on the TV.

Man 2: You want a lot, don't you?
by Little Computer Nerd December 08, 2009
A stockpile of chocolate, usually stashed away in a cupboard for Christmas.
I opened the cupboard and the chocpile fell on me. Luckily I was able to reach my mobile phone and call for help.
by Little Computer Nerd December 14, 2011
This is Morris dancing performed in a particular British supermarket, namely Morrison's.
Did you see those people Morrisons dancing by the deli counter?
by Little Computer Nerd November 25, 2011
Name given to a particular brand of computer or laptop when it goes wrong, which they invariably do.
Hey dude, there's a load of new listings on ebay for Knackard Bell pc's.
by Little Computer Nerd December 08, 2009
The syndrome where reaching for the child paracetamol shoots a pain up your arm
Patient: When I reach for the children's paracetamol, I get a shooting pain up my arm. Any idea what it might be?

Doctor: Hmm, sounds like a bad case of Calpol Tunnel!
by Little Computer Nerd October 18, 2010
Taken from the phrase year dot, year debt refers to a year when you've got lots of debt to pay back, especially after having a merry cashmas.
Man I had a fabulous Cashmas, but now I'm back to year debt!
by Little Computer Nerd December 19, 2009
The type of toilet paper often found in public toilets (restrooms) where the sheets are often of varying lengths, e.g. a short length represents a dit, a long length represents a dah. I don't know morse code but if I did, I might be able to decipher the code to see what subliminal messaging the manufacturer is trying to send to me.
God, not another one of those morse code toilet paper rolls, I wish they would order more expensive toilet rolls.
by Little Computer Nerd June 16, 2010

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