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a word originated from TEXAS stands for slow loud and bangin'. usually an older car with rims candy paint sound system etc..
im bangin' down tha block in my slab.
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
a slang word originated from houston texas meaning you're messed up on something.
when you've done something well
that syrup got me throwed.
"im so throwed in tha game southside playas screwed up click mayne"

damn that was pretty throwed
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
slang in houston texas for cough syrup containing promethazine codeine ect.
i got a cup full of barre and im leanin'
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
simply put the best city in the united states and the home to screwed and chopped. the rap scene is incredible with artists such as trae z-ro ugk suc and etc that buck the trend and rap about life instead of cars money an women. also known as h town screwston hustle town
holla from the southside of houston.
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
to finish the last of something such as alcohol, a cigarette, weed etc.
are you gonna kill that 40?
by lisa marie m August 04, 2007
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