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a euphemism for the uvula. Or the vulva.
That chick's into some weird-ass shit - I heard she got her yokie pierced.
by Liquid8 April 13, 2011
Acronym for "Googley-Eyed Mother Fucker"
I thought that guy was mad-dogging me but it turned out he was just a gemf.
by Liquid8 July 30, 2009
A metro-sexual male.
Hot Chick or Gay Dude: "Yesterday I hooked up with a smokin' Ken for some oral action in the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman."
Hot Chick or Gay Dude's friend: "Gay, straight, or bi-?"
Hot Chick or Gay Dude: "Yep."
by liquid8 February 05, 2010

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