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Running around with a turkey baster filled with your brothers semen while trying to impregnate your girlfriend. Oh, two lesbians usually do this. That last part was kinda important.
"If you ever see someone running around basteing things, and its not thanksgiving, just run."
by lil pga pro 1 March 27, 2009
Its so much worse than a fail that it can only be described by something that a snail probably did.
Jamie- "Hi ill have one fries please"

Matt- "Wow what a retard did he really just say that? Hes a snailure who probably drinks his own cum."
by lil pga pro 1 May 15, 2009
1. when you take a crap that smells so bad a candle is


2. when you take a crap that resembles a candle, then light it on fire
Matt- "i bet if you lit a black guy on fire it would look like a poopcandle"

David- "Nipples!"
by lil pga pro 1 May 19, 2009
its a dildo basically but it applies the shamwow concept. you basically just shove it in your/her vag and it sucks up all the moisture. now that the inside of the vag feels like sandpaper you can stick your dick up there and make it bleed. colors come in orange, blueberry, blood, and camel. (warning for masochistic purposes only)
Matt-"right after i basted my girlfriend i shoved a shamdildo up her vag then stuck my dick in there. it felt like my dick was rolling around in hot beach sand."

Dan-"aww dude you gotta invite me next time it sounds like a blast!"
by lil pga pro 1 June 29, 2009
That fail of a school you all know as the prep(even though we all know that st. augustines is the REAL prep right?)SJP=fail. Have fun with your diabetes.
"Hey Dave how are the girls at Sausage Fest Joe's?" (chuckle)

"Fuck you Dan"
by lil pga pro 1 April 10, 2009
sure he probably wont be the president, and no one will vote for him unless they live in france, but come on right?
"I love to run the track in gym screaming "Ron Paul 2012" loudly for all to hear"
by lil pga pro 1 May 28, 2009

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