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Its so much worse than a fail that it can only be described by something that a snail probably did.
Jamie- "Hi ill have one fries please"

Matt- "Wow what a retard did he really just say that? Hes a snailure who probably drinks his own cum."
by lil pga pro 1 May 15, 2009
when some one fails at snail trailing
jenny and her friends are having a sleep over

jill sneaks off with jan to jenny's brothers room

jill gives jenny's brother a snail trail (when a girl wipes her pussy across someone's face )

jenny's brother wakes up not knowing what's going on

jill get's scared and pees in his face

jan runs back and tells all her friends and tells then anout how much a snailure jill is
by c0rn d0g February 14, 2011
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