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If you live in Barnegat and have lived here all your life, then you know its all about beer, woods, trucks and the docks for boat races. And of course there are two wawas about five minutes apart from each other! You judge people by the elementry and high school they went too, if you tell people you went to southern they consider you dumb but if you ask around and find people who went to pinelands then you now sound like the smartest person in the world! You've heard stories of Taylor Ln about how the jersey devil grew up there and you probably went down that road to see what you could find. You remember D.E Jones and all the other stores that tried to make it in the Gunning River Mall. You also know you can do 30 in the developments but anymore and our nasty cops will get you since they have nothing better to do with their lives. Rt.9, Gunning River rd, or "the new road" can get you to your house no matter what! You also know where the witch house was or some people called it the KKK house, and more than likely you partied there before they knocked it down! You know most houses in downtown barnegat are haunted, especially the Cox house.
"wanna go hang out at the docks?"
"Nah the Barnegat cops always bother you there!"
by likwidsndsj July 29, 2007
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