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a term which refers to a woman with a small ass. Derived from the idea that the subject's rear end is only small enough to produce "deer-sized" poop, the term also suggests that this kind of woman defecates while walking.
Watch your step, she's a deer poop.
by likewhoa July 28, 2004
a 1337 computer gamer!
Eddie You are Likewhoa!!!! (thanks)
by LiKeWhOa July 01, 2003
1.A dumb Schmuck or a stupid noob who keeps breaking his diet... yup yup "RoadKill"

2.Or extremely gay person that plays Tribes, Counter Strike, Soldier of Fortune II. ( what a disgrace to the games)

3. Korean Fag!
What a jz will is!!!
by LikeWhoa April 17, 2003

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