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A term used when photo bucket isn't exactly being particularly cooperative with you.
#photo #buckets #fuck #bucket #computer #problems
by lightxspeed April 17, 2009
1. Person who twitters way too much.
2. The past tense of twittering.
3. Vagina.
4. Combination of 1 and 3.
1. Man last night you changed your twitter message like a thousand times, I dont really give a shit when you decided to flick on the TV you twat!
2. I twat ya last night, didn't you get it?
3. See that girls twat yo, it had teeth or some crazy shit!
4. Man you twitter too much, you really are a twat.
#twitter #twat #vagina #tweet #sex
by lightxspeed April 19, 2009
When a mans penis hangs down so far that a little dent forms right at the base above a mans penis and when you push it together it looks like vaginal skin.
His pants were down so far I could see his mangina when he stood with his legs together.
#wang #vagina #skin #penis #hair
by lightxspeed April 21, 2009
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