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The son of Harry(deceased) and Sue Clearwater.brother of Leah Clearwater and second cousin of Emily Young. Seth is a sweet, caring and kind hearted Quilleute teen who unlike the rest of the pack including his sister Leah, is not against the Cullens' Olympic Coven (unless of course they start attacking humans). During the events of Eclipse, he works with Edward in an attempt to thwart Bella Swan's enemy Victoria from attacking her.For the battle, Edward reads Seth's mind to comunicate with him in his wolf form and grows to respect him. Seth is also known for idolizing Jacob Black.
Edward Cullen on Seth Clearwater: He has one of the kindest minds I've ever heard."
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
Probably the third in the La Push wolfpack to phase after Sam, Jared and Paul. He is considered to be caring ,reserved and somewhat playful compared to the other members. He also enjoys making bets with his friends. He is the best friend of Quil Ateara Junior and Jacob Black, both of whom could possibly be his half-brother along with the packs leader Sam Uley. The Quilleutes hope that it was Sam's father, Joshua who cheated on his wife (causing Embry's conception) since he was most likely a known womanizer. If he is not Embry's father, that means that either Billy Black or Quil Ateara Senior cheated on their wives resulting in Embry's birth. Certainely Embry may have been bothered by all this conflict, but when the time comes to work with his pack protecting humans from vampires is his only concern. In New Moon he is portrayed by Kiowa Gordon.
Embry Call to Bella Swan: C'mon in Bella ! We won't bite.

Paul to Embry Call: Speak for yourself.
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
He is the leader of the La Push wolfpack . Before Sam became a werewolf, he dated a Quilleaute by the name of Leah Clearwater. However when he became a werewolf/shapeshifter, he went through an involuntary process known as 'imprinting' which determines a werewolf's soulmate. Whom did he imprint on ? Surely not Leah but let's try her second cousin Emily Young for one ! This infuriated Leah and she has been bitter ever since. Sam couldn't tell Leah about his transformation, that is until she and her brother Seth became wolves themselves. Although furious with his advances at first , Sam grew on Emily (because it was her destiny) and they became engaged between Twlight and New Moon. Whenever Sam sees Leah , he feels bad because he still loves her. To make things worse , when in wolf form they can read each other's minds and are forced to endure their soap opera of a life along with the other members of the pack. Can someone say akward ?
In the series he is described as having 'an older' human face and black fur in wolf form. During his youth, Sam's father Joshua left him and his mother to fend for themselves. This factor is probably reflected in Sam's maturity for his 21 years on the earth. As for a minor downside.he once got angry at Emily and accidentally scared the right side of her face and and arm. She obviously forgave him and it is a bother to him when people stare at her.
This character is portrayed by Chaske (say chess-kay) Spencer,a native american actor.
Embry to Bella on Sam Uley : Oh ..about Sam's fiance Emily...don't stare. It bugs Sam.

Bella to Embry : Why would I stare ?
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
Fiance of Sam Uley and second cousin of Leah and Seth Clearwater. She is portrayed by native american actress/singer/songwriter Tinsel Korey. Her loyalty is to the La Push wolfpack.
Emily Young to Bella :" So you're the Vampire Girl"

Bella Swan in reply: "And you're the wolf girl ?"

Emily Young: "Guess so. At least I'm engaged to one"
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
The leader of the La Push wolfpack portrayed in Twlight by Solomon Trimble and in New Moon by native american actor Chaske (say chess-kay) Spencer.
Bella Swan to Jacob Black on Sam Uley: "Is that Sam Uley ?"

Jacobs nods: "Him and his cult"
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
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