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A hyper-active or annoying creature, can be clumsy and irriatating and also rather messy. Usually found in small nests or tree houses high up above mountains to protect their pale skin from the hot sun.

(Almost extinct)
Oh look it's an Emily Young, quickly, take a photograph-they're nearly extinct!
by Booogaloos July 15, 2010
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Fiance of Sam Uley and second cousin of Leah and Seth Clearwater. She is portrayed by native american actress/singer/songwriter Tinsel Korey. Her loyalty is to the La Push wolfpack.
Emily Young to Bella :" So you're the Vampire Girl"

Bella Swan in reply: "And you're the wolf girl ?"

Emily Young: "Guess so. At least I'm engaged to one"
by lightningbreast April 05, 2010
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