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Books by, for, or about old people.
Gerontolit is going to be the Next Big Thing in publishing as the Baby Boom generation approaches senility. Cf. Kiddie Lit, Chick Lit, Women's Lit, Chicano Lit.
by lexomaniac May 29, 2011
Overcorrecting 'me' to 'I' in order to show that one is educated.
People say things like 'between you and I,' and 'they gave this to my friends and I,' and 'the association gave the award to him and I.' They think using the genteel accusative demonstates that they went to college, and it sets my teeth on edge.
by lexomaniac May 29, 2011
A woman who keeps her chewing gum in her mouth while she gives you a blowjob.
I knew she was a slut when she started popping her gum after she blew me.
by lexomaniac May 29, 2011
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