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A place where a child between the ages of 14 and 18 years, (sometimes more for others) is forced to be placed into an isolated classroom from the real issues of the world and is expected to learn lessons on geometrical proofs, the internal atomy of a shark, and other useless information. Of course non of the children really do learn anything they just spend their time trying to fit into one of the ten thousand groups and complaining about how much their lives suck.
High School will prepare me for my future. MY ASS
by lexie Newman January 26, 2004
Usually a metrosexual- one who shops at stores named after people ie: Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Or Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, this person drives a nice car, most likely a BMW, and drinks large amounts of starbucks.
There is no way I am going into the AA meeting, I'll be the only yuppie there!
by lexie Newman January 26, 2004
A designer who insists on making all his clothing red, white, and blue and stamps his name on all articles sold. His main target audiance is upper class yuppies, wiggers, and wankstas.
Wankster: Shoot, girl, don't chu dirty up my new Tommy pumps!
Yup: Ahh, I just love my new onyx Tommy cords! They brethe soo nicely!
by lexie Newman January 26, 2004

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