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Lexa is a BABE who has light eyes, dark hair, and is very flirtatious. all Lexas are flirtatious and can't pick just one boy. All the boys want her. Comes from the name, Alexa.
I WANT LEXA, how about you?
by LEXA June 07, 2004
*FaT ASS Titties
*the backwords slang for "big old titties"
DaYaM, I've GoT SoMe TiG-O-BiTTieS!
by LeXa January 11, 2005
Racing background. Changing the gears without stepping off the accelerator pedal.
I flatshifted into second gear.
by lexa April 15, 2005
Under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
"You're flabbergastered"
by Lexa June 26, 2004
1. The hottest computer system in the world.
2. A type of apple.
Macs are too cool for examples.
by Lexa March 28, 2004

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