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Blowjob knowhow. Knowing what it takes to perform superlative oral sex.
Dude 1: So, how did you end up last night?
Dude 2: I didn't get laid but she demonstated some serious blowhow on me.
Dude 1: Man, I love blowhow.
by lewislama December 05, 2008
short for "suck me off"
You part company with a friend as you walk down teh street. You call out, he turns around and you yell, "Hey, sumio!"
by lewislama September 20, 2006
White guys playing cheesy African rhythms on djembe drums. Usually the rhythm is politically correct, inoffensive "world music" but ultimately not something that would make you want to dance.
'Man, I wish they would play some nice chuggy doof with those drums'
'Nah, it's all donkey donkey donkey doo doo.'
by lewislama September 20, 2006
n. a cigarette which has had the life sucked out out of it. Like when you drag too hard and too fast and you leave a mangled stump of ash. It looks and smokes like shit. It usually happens when one of your greedy mates bums a drag off you at a club.
He took his cigarette back and looked at it, appalled. What the hell had happened to it in the last minute and a half since it had been out of his sight? Someone has sucked on it too hard and now it's all burned down around the outside, leaving a disgusting stump of ragged ash where his cigarette used to be. He turned to his friend. "Thanks for that."
"What do you mean?" his friend asked innocently.
He pushed the cigarette in his friend's face. "Look at this. Dog dick!"
"Sorry about that."
"Why don't you just give up, it would be cheaper for both us."
by lewislama September 22, 2006

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