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Someone who thinks they're the shit.
Miss Thang about to git a beatdown.
by letty February 04, 2004
someone who fantasises constantly about fisting- ANYTHING and who will go to any lengths to fullfill this fantasy
oi you! stop going at that there turkey you old uncle fister you i catch you at it one more time and i'll get the RSPCA on you.
by letty July 09, 2003
1)derived from full name: steviepoopiemiglet, which is in turn derived from proper name: steven
3)the cutest, sweetest and most caring guy in the entire world
4)the optimist
5)mr. intelligent
6)centre of my universe
odji: "do u love miglet mel-ball?"
smelly: "of course i love miglet, podge!"
by Letty August 18, 2004

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