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When a girl is being passive at sex in missionary position, the guy 'returns the favour' by inserting his penis but not moving.
Kevlar Burrito: "I had sex with a girl last night but she was just laying there doing nothing"

Perverted Manhore: "I've never had this happen to me but if I did i know i'd just go all the way in then lay on top of her and counter starfish. Not even mad."
by lemonkoala November 02, 2013
breaking up with a bro
Are you sure you want to stop playing laser tag with Barney?

I dunno dude, i'm bad at broking up
by lemonkoala October 05, 2012
wyoming (verb) sitting in the middle of nowhere doing nothing with no one.
A: "What are you up today?"
B: "Honestly, just wyoming for the most part."
by lemonkoala February 25, 2014

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