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A guy who want to have sex with a girl but he´s such a nerd that the girl consider him as a friend and nothing more.
Robert is always behind that girl, but he is only paying her Fanta´s and not flirting. What a Pagafantas.
by lemonk February 21, 2010
Synonym for pussies. It comes from the spanish word COÑO. Written in spanglish as "cono".
Hey have you seen those girls over there?? Good cones!
by lemonk February 23, 2010
Type of disgusting mofo that always calls you when you have a lot of chicks around.It doesn´t matter if you don´t invite him. He will be there. And the worst part is that he didn´t even talk,he is too shy to do so, he just cums thinking about it.
He´s such a Greenforest! He always comes without being invited and when he comes he just keep looking at the people. I don´t want to know what he is thinking about the girls.
by lemonk March 07, 2010

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