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A pasta that started out as a joke, but was stolen and used for commercial gain. Often reffered to as "Weenis Wasta". Penis Pasta is mostly known as the delicious and creamy pasta that grows when cooked. Penis Pasta is now available in your local food market.
Pasta that grows when cooked, shrinks when frozen.
by Lemon August 05, 2004
don't get too excited!
wen in a situation that isnt verry funny, but one unecessary person thinks it is and laughs uncontrollably... that wud be an oppertunity to say this.
by lemon December 30, 2004
An insult, meaning eating or stuffing your face full of ass. It can also mean having your breath smell like ass, or just being a gay person.
Brenden is such a fucking assgobbler.
by Lemon February 05, 2005
a slang term used and created by nick sartin
yo dog he hit that shot. What the mo freak
by lemon February 12, 2005
Dumbass: (1) A really idiotic person (2) A cast member of the online show Dumbass (3) Dumbass: The online show in which a group of kids go around their town and neighborhood filming themselves doing stupid things then putting the footage in episodes and up online.
Ben, The Jew is on the online show, Dumbass. Brenden isn't on the show dumbass, but he/she is a f***ing gayass.
by Lemon August 05, 2004
i bloke that is both vain and girly, but isnt gay. (or wont admit to it...)
that changin rooms geezer (apparantly)
by lemon December 30, 2004
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