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the albertan slang for spooge
i got uncle stuff in my eye
by leif November 21, 2004
Among other things, disco can also be an intransitive verb - an abbreviation of "disconnect" - usually used in the past tense. It is normally used during an online game or instant messaging.
Even with broadband, I somtimes get discoed.

Our group was destroying that Narglartch den on SWG until the Zabrak got discoed.
by Leif April 19, 2005
Acronym for Urban Dictionary Word of the day...
I heard someone was really happy when POATEW was made the UDWOD.
by Leif May 26, 2005
The act of really scribbling your pen a lot to see if there's any ink left in it. Often accompanied with shaking the pen in between attempts of the circular (usu) scribbles.
Ralphie was trying to take notes on the important point being made, but was struck by a need of appendeciding.

Once upon a time, Picasso paid for bills with his appendeciding art.
by Leif May 12, 2005
This term is usually used when someone else asks you to keep a secret. Could be used in a one on one situation, or it could be used in a meeting situation, where a group is talking about another group or person.

Source: from the TV ads about Las Vegas, which state that what happens there stays there.
Gossiper 1: I really need to tell you about so-n-so, but you gotta keep this between you and me.
Gossiper 2: Don't worry, this is Vegas.
by Leif April 28, 2005
Transitive Verb

When you clickypop a link on a page, a new browser window appears. Maybe it's from the words click and pop, but with the spanish "Y" being used for "And"

Tangent, if that structure was used by that company with the doughboy, it might be popyfresh instead of pop-n-fresh dough.
The photoshop on the forum thread said it was NSFW, so I clickypopped it to see the full version.
by Leif April 12, 2005
A somewhat subtle way of saying that someone is a homosexual or a hinge. It can apply to either men or women. Basically, most hetero-guys would subscribe to Playboy and most hetero-gals would subscribe to Playgirl. However, a guy who subscribes to the "other magazine" would get Playgirl.
You rarely hear of a baseball player that subscribes to the other magazine.
by Leif July 08, 2005
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