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1. When something is very spiffy
-"Man this game is spiffalicious!"

-"Hey, I got a raise!" Said Bob
"Spiffalicious" said Fred
by Lefty January 02, 2004
(noun) Footage of severe weather causing damage or incredible phenomena, which are enjoyable and gratifying to the viewers. Weather porn is a common product of storm chasers and news stations. Tornadoes are by far the most common subject of weather porn, but hurricanes, thunderstorms and flooding events can produce effective weather porn. Some weather porn may involve no damage, such as a view of the storm itself. In this context, a good money shot is a closeup of the storm doing damage.

Weather-related video clips that include title/keywords such as "Incredible," "Amazing," "Deadly" and other superlatives are often a good marker of weather porn.
The Super Outbreak of 2011 seemed to result in a similar outbreak of weather porn!
by Lefty September 25, 2013
The man or woman most known in your particular municipality for drinking. Normally homeless, normally seen drunk (even in the daytime).
The hobo with a bottle in his hand in your public square right now!
by Lefty May 04, 2005
< *
1. (<)Less than (*)everything
2. Something sucks so bad, its worse than everything.
Gym class < *
by Lefty January 02, 2004
A heightened state of excitement and satisfaction.
Discovering new music makes me feel all jibbly.
by Lefty March 01, 2005
When something is especially lovely
Used mostly on the internet.
I had a lubberly time with Mary last night!
by Lefty December 20, 2004
The act of dipping one's genitals (usually male) into the mouth of another, sleeping person (of either sex). Known to be an adolescent prank.
Whoa, did you see it? Dave totally wicked Bradley!
by Lefty December 14, 2004

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