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an amazing person. one who is funny, funny, funny, and funny. sometimes a little crazy, and also has random outbursts of laughter and random sayings.
person 1 - heyy!
lectora - hahahahahahahahahah *snort* hahahahahahahaha

person 1 - yo homeslice
lectora - IMMA A LIMA BEAN!!!

person 1 - i feel like shmatza
lectora - yo... ahahahahhahha... i feel your pain.. BLOOP!
by lectora February 08, 2008
a word usually describing guys and how they do their hair.

they slick back their hair with a lot of gel and wind up looking like tailor-made from I love new york.
girl one- "he's kinda cute"
girl two - "nah, he looks like a crooked bookie"
by lectora February 08, 2008
a depressed or sad feeling.
you dont look to good, whats wrong??

i dont know i feel kinda shmatza.. =
by lectora February 08, 2008

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