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The birthplace of many of Germany's finest military officers.
Prussia was the birthplace of many famous German officer including Manfred von Ricktofen, Herman Goering, Kaiser Wilheim, and Count Zeplin.
by Le Mans June 20, 2005
Gregory Rasputin

Died:December 31, 1916
Cause of Death: multiple causes

Gregory Rasputin was an Eastern Orthodox monk from Siberia. He was unwashed, unclean, and unshaven. Rasputin was a carousing womaniser and monk with a 13 inch schlong. He developed close ties to the czar and his family and heeled czarovich Alexi's heamophila. His sexual appitite aroused all the women close to the czar but alienated all the czars relatives. One of the relatives prince Felix, conspired to kill Rasputin on December 31, 1916, New Year's Eve for being a bad influence on the Czar during World War I. He and other conspiritors poisioned all of Rasputin's food and wine with cyanide. One of the conspiritors dressed like a gypsy woman for the party. Rasputin swallowed enough poison to kill four horses. He was shot several times, stabbed, strangled, assaulted, castrated, and he was drowned in the Neva river in St. Petersburg. Three days later Rasputin was dead. Rasputin's murder was a death sentence for Czar Nicholas II and his family. Czar Nicholas II and his family was shot and murdered in 1918 in a Red Russian occupied middle class home.

Theory of Rasputin's life span: I beleve that the reason why Rasputin survived murder attempt arter murder attempt was that he had a bio-chemical in his system that kept him alive.
by Le Mans July 17, 2005
An illegal drug that is like heroin and alcohol put together. This durg was develpoed in the early 1900. Barbiturates has street names such as reds and yellows.
1.Barbiturates is like heavy drinking but you get a more sluggish feeling.

2.Kicking a barbiturates habbit is like nothing you kicked. With heroin, you vomit, your stomach cramps up, you can't eat or sleep. With barbituates you get these and more. You go in convultions. You can feel a strain on your body with you kick a Barbiturate habit
by Le Mans June 21, 2005
The main charachter of the movie Goodfellas. Starring Ray Lalotta. Henry Hill was a half Irish half Italian mafioso from Brooklyn New York. He was first pinched and tried in juvenile court at the age of 15 for distributing untaxed cigarettes. He learned about the Omerta after Jim Conaway slipped him a $50 bill. In 1963 at the age of 21 Henry met a Jewish woman named Karen and married her later in 1964. When Henry tried to go out with his friends, Karen gets into a big argument with him and kick him out of the house. When Karen finds out that Henry has a mistress she threatends her with painful death. As a result, Paul has to mediate with Henry. In June 1970 Henry was involved in the murder of a made man named Billy Batts with two of his friends, Tommy DeVito and Jim Conaway. Tommy got really pissed off of a shoe shining joke and killed assauted him in the mafia owned restrant then shot and killed him in the back of Henry's car to finish off the job. Henry was sent to prison for 10 years for assaulting a gambling debtor in Florida but did four years. He took part in the Lufthansa Heist of 1978. His friend Tommy DeVito was whacked that same year for the murder of Billy Bats back in 1970. He was about to become a made man, but he also murdered one. Tommy DeVito was also 100% Italian. In 1980 on a Sunday in May Henry was going to be busy all day. He had a police helicopter persuing him all day long until 10:30pm. He and his babysitter were arrested for drug deals with cocaine from his Pittsburgh opperation. Paul Cicero, Henry's superior officer wasn't there to help him out. Paul lended him $3200.00 for a life time after he posted bail. Under threat of being whacked he entered the Witness Protection Program. He had Paul Cicero and Jim Conaway arrested and tried in federal court.
Hanry Hill: When you are about to get whacked, no one tells you. It is not like in the movies where there is a big argument and someone ends up getting killed. Your killers come as your friends. They come as your family members. They come with smiles. They come at a time when you are at your weakest point. They also have known you all your life.
by Le Mans July 24, 2005
A whacky character from excel saga. He married kumi-kumi and became the father of Poemi Watanabe.

Nabeshin looks plenty like Lupin the 3rd.
K-Kun: Now Nabeshin is dead. Now there is no one on this planet to stop this operaton!
by Le Mans June 30, 2005
A semi-automatic pistol that rarley jammed. It's magazine was stationed in the front. It was also know as the broom handle. The C-96 was first used in combat during 1916 in World War I by officers of the German Cavalry.
Mauser C-96

1. M-1916
2. The Broom Handle
3. The world's strangest and biggest semi-automatic pistol.
by Le Mans July 24, 2005
An anime so crazy that it need's ritalin. It is about a girl, Poemi Watanabe, A.K.A. Kobayashi a 10-year old girl with severe ADHD. Her girlfriend is Futaba Aasu. Futaba is Poemi's lesbian lover. Futaba also has seven sisters; ranging from preschool to near 30 years old. Poemi is also in love with an octipus named K-Kun
- Poemi Watanabe has the same behaviours as Lil' Jon but on a more severe level

= Her girlfriend Futaba Aasu has six other sisters

1. Hitomi 3
2. Mutsuki 15
3. Shii 18
4. Mitsuaru 22
5. Itsue 25
6. Nanase 28
by Le Mans June 20, 2005

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