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Leader of the top secret ideological organisation ACROSS and future ruler of the city and then the world.
*salute* Hail lord Ilpalazzo!
by Paranoia833 February 13, 2004

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The handsome, suave, sophisticated yet completely insane and egotistical overlord and head of the ideological organization Across.
Hail Ilpalazzo!
by Jules Carrozza November 30, 2003
1. Someone usually blind when it comes to thinking.
2. Someone who is usually not bright.
Hes not the more Il'Palazzo in the group.
by PeachesD00D July 10, 2008
The baddest badass of them all.
Lord Ilpalazzo is a badass.
by James June 27, 2003
A sexual disorder.
Sorry hunny I have Ilpalazzo.
by Smart Guy June 29, 2003
1. A calculating leader of great ambition

2. A person with multiple personality syndrome that leads a semi-successful life

3. One posessing super-human powers derived from odd glasses
Do not worry there is an IL'Palazzo in our group.
by Kabapu October 13, 2007