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27 definitions by lazirus

Better than Soulblazer, but not as good as terranigma.

Definition is too short? It can never be too short!
See Soulblazer, and Terranigma. And j00, and pwns. I had to add that.
by lazirus July 06, 2004
7 9
An extremely common version of randomization (just mashing keys... like dgf9wehguwehg) that is often used by people who play Rainbow Six games a lot. It is so common that I am now making it an urban terminology.
"Bill swallows."
"That makes me nervous."
"Why is that?"
"He's having a dinner party tonight and..."
"Let me guess, you're going?"
"HELLLSSSSSS no, my brother is, and he's got a shaved head, ripped body, and an Iron Cross around his neck, and he's going to a gay man's party."
"Oh, well that's a recipe for connundrum."
"Jigga what?"
"Todd, you're such a fag."
"I hate fucking fags."
"I'm your brother you see."
by lazirus July 07, 2004
5 8
An event that occurs when your male
(-ho)and your eardrums sound to bullshit like "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Also, see any pop music that's as popular to hate as it is to love
"Dammit! I was just "bopping" to "Slave" and suddenly my dick started to flame up everytime I piss! So I guess that means that whenever a boy/man listens to pop music it is completely the same as having ungloved sexual intercourse with a bangkok hooker, not washing your hands after eating a huge t-wave of diarrhea with little undigested corn kernels and remnents of a burrito in it, and drinking the urinal fluids of at least thirty different people! Fuck it all! It's not healthy to DO those four things?!!" (Yes, being a guy and listening to Britany Spears is just as dumb as eating shit.)
by lazirus July 08, 2004
0 4
A man's penis and testicals. A term that I just made up about a minute and a half ago.
"So Jill, how was Jon's genital platter?"
"Unsatisfactory at best."
"He would be most displeased to hear you say that."
"It would please me if a bystander pulled me aside and told me that I should really do something about it! It shows that there are still conscientious humans left on the planet."
"Why do you say you were a bystander?"
"Well I might as well have been."
by lazirus July 06, 2004
3 7
I say this often, and have no viable ideas as of yet to its meaning.
FUCK the example. man must I always include an example?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lazirus July 06, 2004
6 12
The correct spelling of my name that originated from the main character, Lazarus Long, in the novel "Time Enough For Love".
I will read only books writen by Robert A. Heinlein.
by lazirus July 06, 2004
12 25
Bastardization of "Null that african human's biological clock!". . . . . .
by lazirus July 06, 2004
8 21