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An extremely common version of randomization (just mashing keys... like dgf9wehguwehg) that is often used by people who play Rainbow Six games a lot. It is so common that I am now making it an urban terminology.
"Bill swallows."
"That makes me nervous."
"Why is that?"
"He's having a dinner party tonight and..."
"Let me guess, you're going?"
"HELLLSSSSSS no, my brother is, and he's got a shaved head, ripped body, and an Iron Cross around his neck, and he's going to a gay man's party."
"Oh, well that's a recipe for connundrum."
"Jigga what?"
"Todd, you're such a fag."
"I hate fucking fags."
"I'm your brother you see."
by lazirus July 07, 2004
A man's penis and testicals. A term that I just made up about a minute and a half ago.
"So Jill, how was Jon's genital platter?"
"Unsatisfactory at best."
"He would be most displeased to hear you say that."
"It would please me if a bystander pulled me aside and told me that I should really do something about it! It shows that there are still conscientious humans left on the planet."
"Why do you say you were a bystander?"
"Well I might as well have been."
by lazirus July 06, 2004
Better than Soulblazer, but not as good as terranigma.

Definition is too short? It can never be too short!
See Soulblazer, and Terranigma. And j00, and pwns. I had to add that.
by lazirus July 06, 2004
I say this often, and have no viable ideas as of yet to its meaning.
FUCK the example. man must I always include an example?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lazirus July 06, 2004
An event that occurs when your male
(-ho)and your eardrums sound to bullshit like "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Also, see any pop music that's as popular to hate as it is to love
"Dammit! I was just "bopping" to "Slave" and suddenly my dick started to flame up everytime I piss! So I guess that means that whenever a boy/man listens to pop music it is completely the same as having ungloved sexual intercourse with a bangkok hooker, not washing your hands after eating a huge t-wave of diarrhea with little undigested corn kernels and remnents of a burrito in it, and drinking the urinal fluids of at least thirty different people! Fuck it all! It's not healthy to DO those four things?!!" (Yes, being a guy and listening to Britany Spears is just as dumb as eating shit.)
by lazirus July 08, 2004
The correct spelling of my name that originated from the main character, Lazarus Long, in the novel "Time Enough For Love".
I will read only books writen by Robert A. Heinlein.
by lazirus July 06, 2004
The mental state of mind that men/boys take on when they become fans in any way shape or formof pop music. It is a state of being incredibly homosexual, and decide to callously and so obviously hide your carnal desires surrounding your fellow man by saying you think the female pop star is attractive, and you only like her for that reason. When in reality, you want to assimilate into the female sex, and give female friends tips about hairstyles and ways of dressing while at night, dating cute young boys and taking them home, and doing the nasty with them.
I once knew someone that went to a Britany Spears concert because she was "way hot, dude". While we gave him a false sense of security by saying "Oh, yeah, right, because she's hot, we understand." when he left the room, the first words out of our bodies were "FUCKIN' FAG."
by lazirus July 08, 2004
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