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slang for opium. the ticket to dreams.
I need to score some dream ticket.
by Layne August 17, 2004
it mean a premature ejaculater or jack off and nuttin come out
i heard that tom is a offinhankersknaker hes such a fag!
by layne February 17, 2005
To speak like a homo/fag
In San Fran they speak rainbow-nese
by Layne July 18, 2003
Slang term used to call a white person trying to be black (ghetto)
John: "Slim Shady is sucha spoda"
Quaneesha: "Wat dat mean hoooo-naaaay?"
John: "It means, he's spoda be white but he ain't"
Quaneesha: "Awww heeeeell, naawww u diiint"
by Layne March 22, 2004
DA hood a place where niggers get shot in the ass
i live in the biatch
by layne February 17, 2005
A state of being in which the subject is acting wild, greedy, hyper, or otherwise judgment-impaired.
Grant was eating Peeps and drinking yoohoo all afternoon, so all his knobs are set to raccoon.
by Layne March 11, 2005
fong fong the word those fuckin chinize fuckheads say when they curse the fuck out of you in other words it means fuck those fuckin chinize
go fong fong yo momma
by layne March 09, 2005
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