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Medicine-esque piece-of-shit soft drink that stupid Americans like probably because they truely believe a Doctor came up with the vile concontion. If a doctor, or maybe a chemist, indeed did come up with it, here's the official recipe:
1. pathetic name
2. pepper
3. liberal amount of cough mixture
4. that stuff thats underneath the keys on your keyboard
5. vinegar
6. sugar
7. piss
8. some shit to make it brown

Refer to coke or pepsi for far better tasting alternatives.
"What is this crap they're trying to pass off as legimate soft drink?"
"Its Dr. Pepper, and thankfully it onl lasted 19 seconds in our country"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
Pretentious fuck whom many people find amusing in a "I'm semi-conscious because its five past fuck-knows-what-hour and hey here's some late night TV - oh this guys funny, but only because my brain is concentrating most of its energy on digestion" sort of way. Characteristics of the Letterman include corny predictable jokes, cabaret music, boring celebrity guests and a good old wank. Apparently the Letterman likes his studio nice and cold, so when a journalist asked why it was so cold in there some PR person was all grovelling-like "because Letterman likes it that way" - what sort of self-centered fucking bullshit is that? Do you control the fucking atmospheric temperature now as well as the airwaves between 3 and 4 am?
"I hope my girlfriend gets this letter man"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
The totality of communication practices and systems of meaning; a whole way of life of a people; the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. Culture does not express the way of life of a people, it actively shapes up that way of life.
by Lawson August 25, 2005
combination of 'splendor' and 'terrific', thus being an adjective for something that is simultaneously 'spendlorful' (or 'splendid') and 'terrific'. Common usage occurs in motivational literature such as horrorscopes and blogs.
"March 13: Venus is in the third ascenscion so that means today will be quite splendorific for all you Leons!"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
seven fourty five (am or pm)
"hey do you have the time?"
"Yeah sure its..."
by Lawson August 25, 2005
Similar to infotainment. Made by shoving 'fun' in the middle of 'information'. Infunmnation is knowledge that is actually enjoyably received. Not neccessarily interesting knowledge, just fun knowledge.
"There is so much infunmation on UrbanDictionary.com"
by Lawson March 30, 2005
Literally 'ax qing dynasty'. Fu means axe, Manchu is shorthand for the Qing dynasty that ruled China before rabid nationalists took over on 11 Oct 1911. Thus, fu manchu is like saying 'cut off your pigtails' because queues (stupid pigtail things) were the symbol of the Qing's authority in their rule, all China dudes had to wear them as a subordinate thing. So, its very political, its an expression of dissent even. Hate-fuelled Qing hatred.
"Come here you stupid Manchurian i'm gonna ax your queues"
by Lawson August 25, 2005

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