335 definitions by lauren

The best band in the world, and the new cd is kick ass
I want to go to a MxPx concert
by Lauren May 21, 2003
a fucking sick dj from melbourne
holy shit it's dj khy !
by lauren April 13, 2005
a slang way of saying "fo sho my nigga" or "for sure my fine african american friend"
"Yo homie, u wanna come chill at mah crib tonight with the hoes?"
"Fo Sheezy Mah Neezy"
by Lauren June 16, 2004
A female version of a sausage fest
"we need some dudes up in here, this place is really starting to reak a fish fest"
by lauren April 25, 2004
to pass into or through every part of; to penetrate through the pores; to be diffused through; pervade; saturate.
Our thinking is permeated by our historical myths
by Lauren September 29, 2003
gorgeous, usually used to describe a totally hot guy
"bill is so gorgey"
by lauren August 31, 2003
A dwonk is a word you call someone when you're mad at them. It can mean loser, dork, weirdo, freak, or pretty much anything.
"That girl just fell. She's such a dwonk."
by Lauren November 29, 2004

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