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person 1: where's my ipod
person 2: up your ass and around the corner

oh now i found my ipod
to hide something and say where it is known as up your ass and around the corner
by laughingcat1963 November 11, 2007
what new york city houses smell like
this place smells like a piss house
by laughingcat1963 October 20, 2007
hey, how old are you i'm 60 ha that is older than dirt
If anyone is over 60 years old, they are older than dirt
by laughingcat1963 November 19, 2007
i got the magic stick I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice
I hit the baddest chicks
Shorty don't believe me, then come with me tonight
And I'll show you maaagic
(What? What?) Maaagic
magic stick is the best song by lil kim
by laughingcat1963 November 29, 2007
shittier music for people that want the REAL music and it is the hip hop music that is the real music
why can't this fuckin store turn off this shitty elevator music and put it on 94.5 instead of this boring crap
by laughingcat1963 November 29, 2007

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