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To dress as Hitler and perform a dirty sanchez on your significant other.
Guy 1: Did you finally get with that girl you are always calling?

Guy 2: Yea man, I finally got her to my place and Jesse James'd her!!!
by lastwon April 06, 2010
Brewing Deuces - is the action of sitting around and waiting until you are ready to take a dump. Once the appropriate "brew" time has been reached you can go drop your deuce.
After a late night jaunt to Taco Bell the group began brewing deuces while playing video games in hopes they would not all need the bathroom at the same time.
by lastwon March 31, 2010
An Accountress is a female, or homosexual male accountant to which you have to seek important financial documents from. They are often feared and revered as the gate-keeper of information and you hesitate to approach them sometimes because of their busy work schedule. They have ability to be evil, but do not go out of their way. DO NOT CROSS THEM!
email format -

Bill: I have to visit the Accountress' office to get last month's income statements.
Jim: Be careful, it's close to month end, proceed with caution. Deadline's and stupid questions irritate an Accountress.
by lastwon February 07, 2011

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