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an insult used in family guy buy chris's bully against peter
You're a fat numbnuts.

Kyle, i said SHUT UP!

You're a poopnose!

(Beating ensues)
by larsonator April 01, 2007
when someone pretends to grab your nose and then pretends to swallow it, poop it out and stick it back on your face, you now have a poop nose.
by ladeedahdeedah December 29, 2010
An insult refering that someone else's nose is made out of poop. Usually an insult you use when you don't feel like swearing or your being silly.
"Aiden I can't believe you tripped over that barbecue."
"shut up poopnose!"
by turbansam May 12, 2008
A word that means you are indeed a poopnose.
A word stating that your nose has poop on it.
A word that means your nose smells like poo.
A word meaning your nose definately smells poopy.
Excuse me miss, you're a poopnose.

Hey you! Your a poopnose.

Ew! Poopnose!
by Master Poopnose February 23, 2011
a dude who took a dump, and then stuck his nose inside it and runs round screaming racism is right
Jame : i put my poop on my nose because im a "poop nose"
Danny : no dont do it....
Jamie : Racism should happen
Dannny : i gotta stop him ..
by roj@;}{} October 15, 2008
someone with poop on theyre nose
your a poop nose
by 3 inch johnson August 19, 2008
when having anal sex you have your partner take a shit and you clean out the poop with your nose then have your partner lick it off
Bob- "Charlie I heard you did a poop nose with your sister and mom at the same time..... then your dad joined in"
Charlie- "ya it was pretty hot"
Bob- "wait you really did?"
Charlie- "Nooooooo....."
by u shit fuck January 04, 2012
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